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Mystery stumps. They are those old tree remains that seem to have always been there and no one can remember the tree that must have stood at the site. If you have a mystery stump or have changed your mind about getting rid of the stump following a recent tree removal, we at Mario Tree Service can help.

We are the trusted expert in providing thorough stump grinding in Whittier, CA. We can remove an unwanted stump or cut down stumps no matter how large or difficult to reach. Our stump grinding specialists can remove stumps that are near decks, fences, or other trees without causing any damage.

Our grinders undergo routine maintenance so they are available whenever you call. Our process of stump removal involves grinding the offender down to about a foot below the surface. Then we backfill the hole and tamp down the dirt to leave you with a flat space where you can plant or build. We will also leave you with a batch of mulch which can be beneficial for your garden.

Stumps need to be removed, and not just because they are ugly. They can be in the way of foot traffic and lawn mowers. They also can become the home of termites, rats, or other critters you would rather not have near your property.

When you have given up trying to make that old stump look like it belongs in your yard, get rid of it and take back all of your property. Call us at Mario Tree Service in Whittier, CA for precision stump grinding and removal services.

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